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Wine List

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Sparkling Wines

1. Pol Clément Rosé Brut, NV - France   Btl £18.00
  Vibrant sparkling rosé with red fruit aromas. Fine bubbles fill the
mouth with redcurrant flavours in a refreshing, dry, fruity style.
(2) 12%vol
2.  Prosecco Extra Dry, Ponte , NV - Italy   Btl £19.95
  Clean, dry and crisp, with a creamy finish.
(2) 11%vol
3.  Camel Valley Brut 2011/12 - Camel Valley Vineyard, Cornwall   Btl £37.95
  Superb golden sparkler with elegant fizz and full ripe flavour yet truly 'brut'.
(1) 12.5%vol
4. Mercier Brut NV - Champagne, France   Btl £39-95
  Light and fresh with a friendly impression of sweetness for those who
prefer their Champagne one step away from bone dry. A touch of
brioche richness adds weight to the appley pear aromas and fresh
(1) 12%vol
5. Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut NV - Champagne France   Btl £59.95
  Pale gold, confident full aroma and flavour, mouth-filling and satisfying. Excellent in its class with real depth of flavour. 
(1) 12%vol
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White Wines

6. Avanti Chenin-Torrentes - Bodegas Borbore : 2012/13
San Juan, Argentina
  Lifted notes of guava and tropical fruits, with a bracing citrus zing.  The aromatic floral style, and firm line to a juicy finish, makes an appealing off-dry style.
(3) 13.5%vol
7. Chardonnay, Alta Baliza, 2013/14 - Centralvalley, Chile   Btl £15.95
  Fresh and young, slightly golden with green olive hints. Sweet and
tropical aromas such as banana and pineapple combine and on the
palate, the wine is crisp, soft and well balanced.
(2) 12%vol
8.  Piesporter Michelsberg 2012/13 - Franz Reh, Germany   Btl £16.50
  Both floral and leafy, with a fresh sweet fullness.
(4) 9%vol
9.  Garganega-Pinot Grigio, San Alessandro, 2012/13 - Venezie, Italy   Btl £16.95
  Light and delicate style with floral notes and a lime and sherbet touch.
(2) 12.%vol
10. Gold Coast Chenin Blanc 2012/13 - Western Cape South Africa   Btl £17.50
  Packed with fruit and flavour. Green and
gold, high-toned, yet full of sun and bursting with the sweet-and-sour
intensity of Chenin that others find difficult to tame.
(2) 12.5%vol
11. Riesling Special Edition 2011/12 - Reh Kendermann, Germany   Btl £17.95
  Clear, modern, pure Riesling statement - cool, firm and confident,
with nice top fruit flavour over a good chassis.
(2) 12.5%vol
12. Domain de Montauberon Viognier 2012/13 - Cote de Thongfue France   Btl £18.95
  Faultlessly fresh and accurate Viognier from a lovely unknown family
estate at astonishing prices. Evidently made with great care to give
peachy, blossomy fruit style with confident weight and assurance.
A great discovery.
(2) 13.5%vol
13. Gewurztraminer Reserva - 2012/13 : Vina Morande Chile   Btl £19.95
  A very floral aromatic wine with orange-blossom, rose and jasmin notes.
(3) 13%vol
14. Esk Valley Sauvignon Blanc - 2013/14 : Marlborough, New Zealand   Btl £21.50
  Very lean and grassy with a mineral, citrus zing. It has an added
complexity of asparagus pungency and bright nettly notes. Absolutely
classic benchmark Sauvignon from that clever Gordon Russell.
(1) 13.%vol
15. Sharpham Dart Valley Reserve 2011/12 - Devon, UK   Btl £22.50
  Super full-flavoured, zippy, dry estate wine. Energetic and with all the
structure for a long and happy life.
(2) 11.%vol
16. Chablis La Lotte 2012/13 - France     £24.95
  A traditional style of Chablis with a taut line of minerality running
through orange citrus fruit to lighten the touch - racy and
confident through to the steely finish.
(1) 12.5%vol
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Rosé Wines

17. Via Fordulo Pinot Grigio Rosé 2012/13 - Azar Neszmély, Hungary      
  Elegant and dry but still packed with bright strawberry and raspberry
fruit. Very nice and zesty with a peachy character to add a little
weight. Rich, fruity and refreshingly crisp it over-delivers in all aspects.
(2) 11%vol
18. Zinfandel Rosé, Falling Petal , NV - NV California, USA   Btl £15.95
  Medium sweet rosé, displaying classic strawberry fruit flavours.
(3) 10.5%vol
19. Mateus Rosé - NV Portugal   Btl £17.50
  This pretty wine continues to hold a popular spot in the market, delivering the bright, semi-sweet fruit with its lightly festive bubbles.
(3) 11%vol
20. Domaine des Nouelles Rosé d’Anjou 2012/13 - Loire, France     £17.95
  All softness and light sweetness here - no angles. A long-standing
favourite from the lovely Loire Valley.
(4) 10.5%vol
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Red Wines

21. Avanti Shiraz-Malbec - Bodegas Borbore : 2012/13 San Juan, Argentina      
  Richly coloured and scented it is an easy-drinking blend.  With Shiraz taking centre stage to give a smoky, spicy palate supported by a firm Malbec grip.
(B) 13.5%vol
22. Cabernet Sauvignon, Alta Baliza, 2012/13 - Central Valley, Chile   Btl £15.95
  Attractive aromas of berries with mature red fruits and spices typical
of the Maipo valley region. The palate demonstrates the classical force
of the variety, with a firm body and lasting finish.
(C) 13%vol
23. Primitivo-Negroamaro, Gran Rosso,2012/13 - Salento Italy   Btl £16.95
  A touch of cherries and light herbal notes complement the soft texture and easy style.
(C) 13.5%vol 
24. Merlot 2010/11 Honores de Berticot - IGP de l'Atlantique South of France   Btl £17.50
  No heaviness, here is a light supple Merlot that takes its cue from
many traditional light wines made in neighbouring Bordeaux.
(C) 13.5%vol 
25. Chateau Tour des Graves 2011/12 - Bordeaux France   Btl £19.50
Bright, fresh, well-balanced and with quite perfect fruit, this is a delight.
(C) 13%vol
26. Cote du Ventoux 2012/13 Domain Perrin - Rhone France   Btl £19.95
  The Perrin family are the very model of modern wine production.
Their wines are deceptively simple and natural-tasting.
(C) 13.5%vol
27. Rioja Crianza, Cormoran 2010/11- Rioja, Spain   Btl £20.50
  Dark cherry red. Clean with intense ripe fruit, liquorice and toasted
notes. This wine is rich and rounded in the mouth with a lovely
long finish.  (C) 14.%vol
28. Shiraz, Crystal Brook, 2011/12 - South East Australia   Btl £20.95
  Immediately-pleasing, spicy-fruity and neatly polished with plenty of
sweet blackberry and prune fruit backed with a velvet overcoat.
(D) 12.5%vol
29. Irreverente, 2010/11 - Beiras, Portugal   Btl £21.50
  Smoky, black and powerful and packed with herbal notes and
hedgerow flavours. It is invigorating and full of vitality with a
bright edge of spiced berries.
(D) 13.5%vol
30. Pinotage By L’Avenir, Laroche , 2012/13 - Western Cape, South Africa   Btl £21.50
  Dark cherry character and nice meaty flavours. Perfectly full-bodied with oak flavours that is the hallmark of Rioja.
(C) 13.5%vol
31. Valpolicella Classico, Zonin, 2012/13 - Veneto Italy     £22.95
  Aromas of wild berries and cherries precede a classic dry and smooth
palate. A lighter style red, ideally suited to tomato-based
Italian dishes.
(B) 12.5%vol
32. Hautes Cotes de nuits 2008/09 Anjoux - Burgundy France     £24.95
  Typically light and cherryish with a delicate perfumed style. Plenty of
morello fruit and a refreshing summer-pudding flavour matched with
a touch of smoky spice, pulled together over finely tuned tannins.
Beautifully expressive.
(C) 13%vol
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Dessert Wines

32. Botrytis Semillon Vat 5, De Bortoli, 2008/09 - NSW, Australia   Hlf Btl £16.95
  De Bortoli Vat 5 is a perfect expression of botrytis: pure luminescent
gold in colour, with intense marmalade and dried peel fruit flavours,
plus the botrytis honeyed effect.
(8) 10.5%vol
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Wine Guide:


White & Rosé wines: 1 = dry and 9 = sweet.

Red wines: A = light and soft.  E = deep and full

Vintages may change according to availability.


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